A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Key to a Positive Outcome

Criminal defense lawyers represent defendants who are facing charges of criminal activity. While some criminal defense attorneys specialize in only one or two types of offenses, most work on cases that cover a range of charges. For Grant Bettencourt, this includes extensive experience with clients who have been accused of robbery or theft, DUI and drug offenses, assault/battery and other violent crimes, a variety of white collar crimes, as well as those facing a number of other charges.

While the work done in the courtroom is important, building a successful criminal defense and ensuring justice for clients requires that an attorney do far more than just representing the defendant in court.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Grant Bettencourt Orange CA

Listening, Understanding, and Building the Case

From the moment a potential client meets with an attorney, the lawyer will begin building his case. Once the attorney has officially been hired, the process begins in earnest.

Early in the process, clients are typically prompted to recount the events that lead to the arrest, as well as the circumstances of the arrest, and any contact with law enforcement that followed. This allows a diligent criminal defense attorney to spot possible problems with the way police handled the case, including unconstitutional searches, unlawful traffic stops without probable cause, or a coerced confession.

At The Law Offices of Grant Bettencourt, every effort is also made to provide each client with more than just legal representation. Grant, as well as his staff, understands the process of defending against a criminal allegation, and can provide both moral and emotional support to clients as they are guided through this process.

Court Representation

The most recognizable role of a criminal defense lawyer is representing clients during legal proceedings. When the lawyer is involved from shortly after the arrest, this may involve meeting with the district attorney, as well as presenting a courtroom defense.

In most cases, the district attorney has only police statements and the investigation to determine whether or not charges should be filed, and how serious the allegations are. When a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer is involved at this point, though, another side of the story can be considered. This may lead to lesser charges being filed, misdemeanor instead of felony charges, or no charges at all.

Even when charges are filed, there are a number of defenses that can be used to win a criminal case, or reduce potential sentences associated with a conviction. Grant Bettencourt and his staff have served those who face criminal charges in California with successful defenses, including false accusation, self-defense, mental illness, and misidentification.

The Law Offices of Grant Bettencourt

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