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Why Us?

You Get a Lawyer, Not a Paralegal

Oftentimes, when you hire a criminal defense lawyer at another firm, your case is passed on to a paralegal who does all the work–someone you never spoke with at all. This is not the case when you hire Grant Bettencourt, Esq.

Grant does all the research and due diligence for your case himself. You want a lawyer with experience who cares, which is why his reviews on Yelp and Google speak volumes about his passion and success for clients.

Real Experience and Results

Over the past five years, Grant has a proven track record of success for hundreds of clients in California as a Criminal Defense Attorney. His experience working at The Office of the California Attorney General, The Orange County District Attorney’s Office, The Orange County Public Defender’s Office, and clerking for a Superior Court Judge means you’re in excellent hands when he represents your case.

We Stand by Our Clients

You won’t ever have to worry about Grant not fighting for you every step of the way. Because he knows the law so well, every single option to help your case will be implemented accurately and timely on your behalf.

As an expert criminal defense attorney in Orange County, CA, Grant makes sure he can give each client the time and respect they deserve, because you are extremely important.


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Every potential client’s case and information discussed with Grant is Confidential. Do not worry about it being divulged to anyone else. The sooner you contact Grant, the quicker he can help with your case.

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After you’ve discussed your case with Grant and both parties agree to move forward with representation, you will be asked to sign a contract. This protects you and our law firm, and our time will be spent researching all aspects of the law to help your case immediately.



Grant will discuss the retainer and payment options with you, if applicable.


It’s very important to remember that Grant Bettencourt fights for your rights and case, every step of the way. Other attorneys might take your case, and when the outcome doesn’t look promising, they tell you that’s all they can do to help and you are left with no assistance.


Fight in Court:

Grant stands by every single client until the end of each case–to full resolution. You do not have to worry about being abandoned during the most critical time in your life, because his satisfaction rate and success for his clients is part of his ethics and code of conduct each and every day.