If you have been charged with a criminal offense, then it is important to find legal counsel. If convicted, it can lead to large fines or jail time. You do not want to handle your case on your own. A criminal defense lawyer can walk you step-by-step through the process and know how to defend you best. The lawyer knows the proper procedures and will inform you of your rights. After being charged with a criminal offense, be sure to start the process of looking for a criminal defense lawyer. Keep reading to learn more.

How To Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer handles criminal law. More specifically, they are sure to protect the rights of their clients. They also ensure that all rights are upheld and carried out. You will need to begin your search for criminal defense lawyers that are currently practicing in your area. As you go through your search results, take note of their fees. If you require financial assistance, there may be legal aid or a pro bono service in your area. Keep in mind that whether or not you require financial assistance, defendants in criminal cases have the legal right to an attorney. So, if you cannot afford one, then the state will appoint a lawyer to you.

Look for a Law Firm With Experience

As mentioned above, it is vital that you find a criminal defense lawyer who has experience in this area. Do your research. Look for how many years of experience the lawyer has in criminal law. Make sure that they have experience in handling cases like yours. Read reviews from previous clients. You need to make sure that the lawyer that you are about to hire has expertise in defending clients who have been charged with similar criminal charges. You want to be certain that they have confidence in handling your case.

Find a Firm With Legal Court Experience

The lawyer you hire to represent you should not only have experience in handling cases like yours, but they should also have experience with the court where your case is being held. Each court has its own unique system as well as its own staff. It is very helpful if the lawyer representing you knows the judge and other staff members of the court, and its procedures.

Look for Clear and Concise Communication

Ask upfront about the firm or individual lawyer’s availability to either speak over the phone or via email. You will also want to know if there is a contact number in the event of an emergency. If the hours are limited, then you may wish to consider a different law firm. Clear and consistent communication is key when it comes to discussing a case and carrying out all necessary tasks. A good lawyer will give you their email address and phone number with an extension, if applicable. Direct communication is vital to help you complete your case.

Know if You are Hiring a Team of Lawyers

After researching the right firm for you, find out if the lawyer representing you will be working with a team of lawyers or if it will only be one lawyer working on their own. A team of lawyers is beneficial as cases can become complicated. Retaining a team of lawyers to represent you can assist you in your case in multiple ways. A team can help better plan, strategize and pull their efforts together. In this way, they can better defend you and win your case.

Preparing for Your Case

Once an attorney has been retained, they will compile information on the events that transpired. They will ask you several questions to obtain the personal and criminal history of the victim. These questions will be in-depth in order to get all the facts. Criminal defense lawyers also perform the discovery process, which means that they will examine the prosecution’s evidence as well. This promotes fairness in the trial. It can also help the lawyer determine if there are questionable areas. After the information has been collected, all data will be analyzed to help determine a theory of defense, or the attorney’s idea of what happened and how. A smart attorney will use a team to help develop this theory as well as think of different strategies.

If you are dealing with criminal charges against you, don’t handle it alone. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is imperative to winning your case. If you’re looking for a skilled Orange County criminal defense, schedule a consultation with Grant Bettencourt today.